the Restorative Yoga class follows a therapeutic style of yoga using props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and yoga sandbags provided) in restful postures that allows the body to naturally relax into the poses.  The poses are held several minutes with breath awareness and a variety of breath practices.  In this class, you learn how to relax your body and mind as you move towards harmony, greater wellbeing and your finding your own naturally peaceful state.    

  • Reduces the Effects of Physical, Mental and Emotional Stress

  • Improves the Capacity for Healing

  • Calms the Central Nervous System

  • Boosts the Immune System

  • Optimizes Energy Flow to the Organs

  • Improves Overall Health

  • Enhances Mood

  • Stills the Mind

  • Encourages Mindfulness

  • Cultivates Heightened Body Awareness