The MIND BODY YOGA is a therapuetic style of yoga which focuses on moving more slowly and mindfully while paying attention to quality of movement.  We focus on alignment, effective core strengthening, breathing and posture using a variety of teaching techniques to improve greater awareness and moving the body towards balance. Kim combines her warm spirit and love for teaching others in a therapeutic approach that is creative and uplifting to empower you to create a healthier life with less stress and more harmony. 

  • Stress Relief

  • Pain Relief

  • Better Breathing

  • Improved Flexibility/Mobility

  • Increased Strength

  • Weight Management

  • Improved Circulation

  • Better Posture

  • Improved Cardiovascular

  • Present Moment Awareness

  • Improved Coordination, Reaction Time and memory.

Appropriate for beginners and all levels of students interested in finding  balance in their busy lives.